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IT'S FRIDAY - COME ON FACEBOOK FRIDAY FRIENDS!  Don't forget to go and LIKE your associates on Facebook today. Here is one of Emily's posts with many of the links to those who are in the group to make it easier for you.  So glad the group is growing.  I enjoy getting the updates of all those I have liked on my facebook feed. Kinda gives me an idea of what some of the other markets are like.  Have A Great "Your Way" day everyone. Thanks!

What is Facebook Fridays? It's a group started by Gary Coles - basically we all agree to support each other on Facebook - each Friday - choose 5 of these lovely members - hit their link which will take you to their Facebook Fan page - click LIKE - and there you go! Just another way to support each other! Visit our Facebook Friday group here.

Please feel free to join up! We'd love to have you!! And please please please show your support - click a few of the links below. And if you're in the mood - please help spread the word with the reblog feature!

Because I'm a little nuts, I've taken the duty on of posting each and everyone of our member's links below once a month - the list is now up to 193 - and GROWING!

And just a warning - should you decide to click every single link - your friends will see this in their status updates (depending on your settings)

For example:

So definitely keep that in mind before your clicks get carried away..

Also - if anyone is a member and doesn't see themselves on the list below - I apologize. When I'm making this list I go two different places - your website and your AR blog - if I can't find the link on either, I give up. Also 0 if the link isn't working, I give up. If you're in the group and you don't see yourself listed below, there's something wrong! Each week I'll visit NEW members - but won't go back to see if you've updated your facebook links - so please - just send me an email or comment below and I'll get it sorted. Also - if your link isn't working below - again, let me know!

For those who are following the list - some new ones are at the top to make it easy on you... my apologies to the ones on the bottom - Please don't forget about those guys at the bottom - they need love too!!


Kim Carnes - Indianapolis Home Inspections

Doug Wathen - California Real Estate

April Sullivan - Virtual Assistant

Pat and Wayne Harriman - Connecticut Real Estate

Rebekah Radice - Colorado Mortgages

Ginny Truyens - Ontario Home Stager

Delores Campbell - Missouri Real Estate

Laurie Jarrett - Texas Real Estate

Melanie Serrato - California Real Estate

Mimi Foster - Colorado Real Estate

Jason and Amber Gardner - Oregon Real Estate

Connie Harvey - Tennessee Real Estate

Carol Faaland - Kronmaier - New Jersey Real Estate

Kirsten Lindquist - Sonoma Real Estate

Hunter Ray - Arkansas Real Estate

Mike Kelly - North Carolina Real Estate

Gwenn Tavis - Wisconson Mortgages

Kathryn Acciari - Massachusetts Real Estate

Michelle Sims - New Mexico Real Estate

Tom Arstingstall - California Contractor

Frank Bailey - San Antonio Real Estate

Dianne Beck - Pennsylvania Home Stager

Scott Fogleman - Virginia Real Estate

Ben Blonder - Colorado Real Estate

Corrine Guest - Illinois Real Estate

Steve Stanros - California Inspections

Scott Guay - Maryland Real Estate

Cheryl Campbell - Alaska Real Estate

Toni Hogan - Texas Real Estate

Maria Couto -Berkeley Heights & Long Hill Real Estate

Kimi Correa - Hawaii Real Estate

Lew MacDonald - Kelowna Mortgages

Steve and Jan Bachman - Northern Virginia Real Estate

Mike Carwin - Colorado Mortgage Man

The Christiansen Team - Fort Wayne Real Estate

Kate Hamlin - Montana Real Estate

Tammy Lankford - Georgia Real Estate

Cheryl Campbell - Alaska Real Estate

Gina Chirico - Essex County and Communities of West Essex Real Estate

Gina also has another page here

Beth Larsen - Arizona Real Estate

Josh & Dawn McKinley - Arizone Real Estate

Gene Mundt - Illinois Real Estate

Terrie Leighton - Nevada Real Estate

Bobbie Smith - Pocono Real Estate

Lance Owens - Hawaii Real Estate

Renae Pretty- Altus Real Estate

Toni Weidman - Florida Real Estate

Gary Coles - Latin America Real Estate

Emily Read -Vancouver Real Estate

Jane Peters - Los Angeles Real Estate

Beth Larsen - Sedona Arizona Real Estate

Renee Burrows - Las Vegas Real Estate

Dawn Barrier - Las Vegas Short Sale Agent

Barbara Hensley - Texas Real Estate

Dale Baker - Property Inspector - New Hampshire

Larry Atkins - Virginia Real Estate

Murray Knoll Partners - Colorado Springs Real Estate.

Frank & Karen Baker - North Carolina Real Estate

Ann Allen - Alabama Real Estate

Christine Donovan - California Real Estate

Anna Banana - Phoenix Real Estate

David Bruce Jr. - Real Estate Media Guru

Barbara Altieri - Connecticut Real Estate

Yvonne Connor - Vancouver Real Estate

Dagny Eason - Connecticut Real Estate

Chris Canfield - Central Connecticut Real Estate

Joan Cox - Denver Real Estate

Craig Daniels - Virtual Assistant

Lori Mode and Bruce Durham - California Real Estate

Tammy Emineth - SEO Specialist

Vickie Slade - Colorado Real Estate

Ginny L Gorman - Rhode Island Real Estate

Todd Feager  Mortgage Broker - Licensed in a few States

Jeff Belonger - Mortgage Officer - New Jersey

Chris Sanderson - Mortgage Broker - Indiana

Fred Griffin - Florida Real Estate

Bob and Leilani Souza - California Real Estate

Laura Forman - Florida Real Estate

Keith Gilkey - Maryland Real Estate

Sheila Newton Team - South Carolina Real Estate

Lisa Orme - Connecticut Real Estate

Coral Gundlach - Virginia Real Estate

Debbie Gartner - Westchester Flooring

Keith Gilkey - Maryland Real Estate

Kristine Ginsberg - New Jersey Stager

Tricia Hoffmann - Texas Real Estate

Robert Butler - Property Inspector - Montreal

Malcolm Johnston - Ontario Real Estate

Janet Jones - Interior Designer - Hawaii

Christie Snapp - Indiana Real Estate

Ron Tarvin - Texas Real Estate

Joe Kenny - Illinois Real Estate

Judy Klem - Home Stager - Connecticut

Steve Hoffacker - Real Estate Sales and Marketing Consultant

Melissa Mckinney - North Carolina Real Estate

Kim McMahon - Chicago Real Estate

Thom Abbot - Atlanta Real Estate

Al & Peggy Cunningham - Ontario Real Estate

Donna Foerster - Colorado Real Estate

C. Lloyd Mackenzie - New Mexico Real Estate

Sharon Paxson - Newport Real Estate

Larry O'Sullivan - Real Estate - Utah

Mahesh Mike Patel - Real Estate - Anaheim

Peter & Linda Pfann - Victoria, BC - Real Estate

Teral McDowell - Texas Real Estate

Brenda Ryan - Arizone Real Estate

Janet McCarthy - San Diego Real Estate

Lauren Selinsky - California Real Estate

Susan Goulding - California Real Estate

Kathy Streib - Florida Home Stager

Bob "RealMan" Tim - North Dakota Real Estate

Donna Malone - Nova Scotia Real Estate

Debe Maxwell - Charlotte, NC Real Estate

Kathy Clulow - Ontario Real Estate

Lisa Ludlow Archer - North Carolina Real Estate

Jeffrey Markell - Newport Real Estate

Georgina M. Hunter - Maui Real Estate

C. Lloyd McKenzie - Albuquerque Real Estate

Jerry Newman - Texas Real Estate

Norma Toering - California Real Estate

Irene Kennedy- New Jersey Real Estate

Anita Clark - Georgia Real Estate

Karen Salmon - Calgary Real Estate

Dominic Tartaglia - California Real Estate

Joshua Harley - Texas Real Estate

Carla Freund - North Carolina Real Estate

Debra Davis - Atlanta Realtor

June Piper Blonder - Maryland Real Estate

Jon Quist - Arizona Real Estate

Mike Mayer - Louisiana Real Estate

Dorie Dillard - Canyon Creek & NW Austin Real Estate

Karen Kruschka - Prince William, Fairfax ,Stafford County Real Estate

Chuck Carstensen - Minnesota Real Estate

Rebecca Gaujot- West Virginia Real Estate

Mike Mayer, Broker/Owner - Louisiana Real Estate

Hella Rothwell - California Real Estate

Lottie Kendall - California Real Estate

Linda K Mayer - California Real Estate

Michelle Gibson - Florida Real Estate

Stacey Smith - California Real Estate

Elizabeth Cooper - Huntsville Real Estate

Deva Kaumba - Indiana Property Management

Mary Yonkers - Real Estate Trainer and the sweetest woman EVER!

Debra Walsh - NY Real Estate

Jim Frimmer - Mission Valley Real Estate

Phil and Patti Leng - Washington Real Estate

Joni Staples -Texas Real Estate

Samantha Davault - Texas Real Estate

Raine Carraway - North Carolina Real Estate

Colleen McConnell - Tallahassee Real Estate

Linda Papallo - Connecticut Real Estate


I'm officially exhausted. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


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